Cyber Security Model With Human Context to Mitigate Cyber Risks

The IABSRI Cybersecurity Model With Human Context to Mitigate Cyber Risks in the Operating Environment of Endpoint Devices, [Nyamekye 2015 .] For details, please see the Link to the Web Site of International Command and Control Institute (IC2I) , 20th Proceedings of ICCRTS, Paper # 085.

Note: In collaboration with the late Dr. Vladimir Lefebvre, who pioneered the Reflexive Game Theory, the IABSRI is creating an artificial mind and train it to learn to find a spear phishing attack email in the operating environment of endpoint devices. We call such a new cybersecurity platform, an artificial socially-aware purposeful agent (ASAPA). The ASAPA has cognitive capabilities closely resembling those of humans. Most importantly, our model draws on behavioral sciences, in agreement with the recent National Academy of Sciences Report, "Foundational Cybersecurity Research Improving Science Engineering, and Institutions," and it is unlike all the cybersecurity platforms in the current technical and scientific research cyber security landscape.